• Jason Moss May 04, 2018

    The 'Webber'

    Wedding band for a man with webbed fingers! Dont laugh, its true, some people do have high webbing between their fingers. I had a client a few years ago that we simply couldn't make a ring that would be comfortable...and stay on as the webbing pushes the ring up the finger. This client was determined to tackle the problem. He really wanted a wedding band, and a really big wedding...


  • Jason Moss May 03, 2018

    Rings for Harry Styles

    I was recently commissioned by Sony Australia to create a ring for the musician Harry Styles to welcome him to Australia as part of his current world tour. We went over different options and decided on a set of white gold rings with my signature stamping. I like the writing on my rings to be cryptic. I change the direction of the letters making the writing look a bit hieroglyphic...I...


  • Jason Moss Apr 21, 2018

    Man's wedding band

    This is easily my favourite design so far this year! My client is getting married and was given his grandfather's ring to wear. The ring was plain yellow gold and way too small. I was asked if I could jazz it up a bit or reuse the metal to make a new ring. My approach is to keep the original ring if possible. In this case I cut the ring...


  • Jason Moss Apr 08, 2018

    Remodeling Jewellery

    Remodeling jewellery is one of the favourite parts of my job. We are working with memories and family history, the final piece should be a tribute to the old and reflect but not copy the original design. It is possible to use old metal but you must realise that this is an added process and as such adds to the cost. The reason for reusing metal should be for sentimental...


  • Wedding Band with Channel set Champagne Diamonds

    This is the first in my new range of 'channel' set men's wedding bands. This one is made in 9ct yellow gold and features 6 princess cut champagne diamonds (total .38 cts) that are channel set together in a line. The diamonds are from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. The colour combination in this ring is really beautiful. $1850. Price may vary with finger size.