• Jason Moss Mar 16, 2009

    Raspberry Quartz Cocktail Ring

    A very straight forward dress ring.the ring is built around the stone.if your interested in gem stones i have access to amazing stones.i can get you a selection to choose from and from this we build the ring to show off the rock.this ring is in 18ct yellow gold set with a beautiful 'raspberry' quartz.


  • Thread Set Ring

    This is my 'cross' thread set ring.its a cross of the traditonal thread set diamond setting and the simple rub over setting.the result is a line of gem stones with a wonderful scalloping on the sides. it can be made in any width and i've done a few double-rowed rings using black diamonds.i like this ring because its so simple and practical.many of my clients opt for a single engagement/wedding...


  • Latitude & Longitude Rings

    This is the latitude and longitude ring, the most requested design of the last couple of years.pick your favourite place in the world, i then stamp the latitude and longitude of this spot, either as a ring or pendant. ive been using this method of letter and number stamping for 15 years now. i love the imperfections and the industrial feel the technique achieves. its immediacy also allows me to...