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19 Apr , 2024
I love commission jewellery

I Love Commissions!

I have been making commission jewellery my whole career. It's with out doubt the most satisfying component of my jewellery practice. To create a piece of jewellery, working with the clients ideas and combining them with my own aesthetics require clear communication and a certain amount of trust. I love this latest group of rings to leave my studio. Filled with secret messages and affirmations, at first I thought...too much for one finger! But it worked out fine.



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29 Sep , 2023
Pianola Wedding Bands

Pianola Wedding Bands

I'm so happy with this pair of 'pianola roll' wedding bands. Made in yellow and white gold the design was given to me by the client who is a music composer. The to scale pianola code depicts musical notes, I believe the two rows when played together create a particular harmony that is special to the wearers.

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02 Sep , 2023
Contemporary Wearables 2023 Jewellery Biennial

Contemporary Wearables 2023 Jewellery Biennial

I was so happy to be a finalist in the Toowoomba regional gallery jewellery biennial - Wearables 23. I entered 3 works with the badge, YES, being acquired for their permanent collection. Below is the artist statement I included as part of the entry.

This collection of badges is the direct result of ‘pandemic reflection’, some people perfected sough dough bread I got a badge machine and started experimenting with it.

 I had no idea my experiments would lead to creating badges made of silver and gold but it felt right to elevate the humble badge and to celebrate its contribution to counter culture.

The first thing I think of when I think of a badge is Punk Fashion. Punk rebellion. The precious brooch was thrown away and replaced with a 50 pee substitute. Political statements, tribal identifiers. The history of badges is interwoven in counter cultures. I started to look back at my own experiences of rebellion and the 90’s dance party scene.

‘Frankie says Relax’ and ‘Deep down inside’ are inspired by the incredible costumes and jewellery of my hero Peter Tully and the beginnings of Sydney’s gay and Lesbian Mardi-Gras, 90’s dance parties and the dance anthems that formed our politics and future outlook on life.

‘YES’ completes the set and takes us into the current debate surrounding Australia’s referendum on the inclusion of an aboriginal voice to parliament. Made in 22ct gold my hope is that by using this precious material the statement is emphasised in importance while still maintaining its roots as a protest statement. Unlike a brooch this precious badge is more than just decorative. 

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