Bespoke jewellery design, or having something 'made to order', invites you to participate in the design. It is easy, and a more fulfilling process in creating your special piece.

Following a geometrical and streamlined approach, I aim for a ‘less is more’ design style.

Working with shop samples, We decide together the right width of band, metal alloy and inscriptions. It’s no more expensive than the pre-manufactured equivalent - it’s just more personal. Sitting down with your jeweller and discussing your design is a different experience from ‘off the shelf’ shopping; it provides you with jewellery to fit your needs. 

Jason Moss Bespoke Jewellery services include: stamped work, such as personalised rings and unique individual pendants. I specialise in engagement rings, wedding accessories and men’s wedding bands.

Practice designs are produced and photographed to facilitate the design process.

If you live in Sydney, and you are looking for bespoke jewellery you can visit the studio to look at shop samples from which we can discuss your requirements for design.


Ordering a Ring On line

Ordering a ring on line is easy with me.

Interstate and overseas enquiries are very welcome. We discuss design requirements through email correspondence or Skype, I can send you photographs of practise designs. Ring sizes are available as part of the process, with a sizing guide posted to you as a reference guide if needed.

 The price of all my rings includes the correct finger size. With work over $1000 I will send you a mock up of your ring in copper (the correct width and finger size), to be absolutely sure it’s the right size. When ordering a ring email me at and we go over all the details.

Buying a Ring for a Friend?

Awesome! Don’t worry about their finger size, the price of my stock rings includes any resizing. You buy a ring that I have already made and after that they just need to come in and I can resize it. At that point they may also want some adjustments to the design, (like a different kind of stone) or they may even swap for another ring. I don’t mind doing that although in my experience this very rarely happens and the friend is usually overwhelmed with happiness from the gift you have selected for them.

Cleaning and Repairs

I am happy to clean and maintain all jewellery I have made. I do this at no charge and enjoy watching my work age gracefully. It also gives me a chance to learn or improve on my making techniques if something does break. Repairing a piece of my jewellery also means that you love it enough to want to keep on wearing are my bill board :)

I charge cost price for any restringing of necklaces and bracelets and for any rhodium replating.

I will charge a minimal price for ring resizing. If you do grow out of your ring, don’t worry. I can fix it and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Unfortunately I do not repair other people’s work and I recommend taking that work back to its point of sale. I can also recommend a couple of good repairers in Sydney.