• Jason Moss Apr 19, 2024

    I Love Commissions!

    I have been making commission jewellery my whole career. It's with out doubt the most satisfying component of my jewellery practice. To create a piece of jewellery, working with the clients ideas and combining them with my own aesthetics require clear communication and a certain amount of trust. I love this latest group of rings to leave my studio. Filled with secret messages and affirmations, at first I thought...too much...


  • Pianola Wedding Bands

    I'm so happy with this pair of 'pianola roll' wedding bands. Made in yellow and white gold the design was given to me by the client who is a music composer. The to scale pianola code depicts musical notes, I believe the two rows when played together create a particular harmony that is special to the wearers.


  • Jason Moss Sep 02, 2023

    Contemporary Wearables 2023 Jewellery Biennial

    I was so happy to be a finalist in the Toowoomba regional gallery jewellery biennial - Wearables 23. I entered 3 works with the badge, YES, being acquired for their permanent collection. Below is the artist statement I included as part of the entry. This collection of badges is the direct result of ‘pandemic reflection’, some people perfected sough dough bread I got a badge machine and started experimenting with...


  • Jason Moss Aug 31, 2023

    Shine on you crazy diamond

    In 2020 my dear friend Dr Melody Caramins passed away. She was one of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of befriending. A brilliant genetic pathologist, a bonafide fashionista, art collector and art maker. Melody was a multi functioning human of the highest calibre...and a hell of a lot of fun! Melody was survived by her husband, amazing Alex and beautiful doggo Zac. During her preparations for...


  • Men's wedding band commission

    With this wedding band commission my client wanted silver bands, but wanted them elevated somehow as they are wedding bands not dress rings. The addition of rose gold inside the bands creates a private preciousness for this couple and the black diamonds are a perfect colour match with the silver and pink metal