Silver dress ring with blue and white sapphires April 30 2017

The client gave me some old necklaces and rings and asked me to use the stones in them for one ring. This was the result.

Large 'V' necklace April 24 2017

Large 'V' necklace made from 14mm onyx beads and black chrome plated brass tube. $420.

Flipper necklace April 02 2017

'Flipper' necklace. The shapes are based on pinball machine flippers. I have also used a smaller version of this shape in my 'Ray' necklaces. Made from black chrome plated brass and polished onyx beads. $400.

Aquamarine necklace April 02 2017

This beautiful necklace combines milky blue aquamarine beads with curved copper ovals that have been high polished and chrome plated. $440. edition of 3 only.

Black rod necklace March 10 2017

Gabi is wearing my Black rod necklace, made from onyx and black chrome plated brass. $300.

Memphis dress ring March 08 2017

Inspired by 80's design movement, Memphis. This ring features a 19mm diameter chocolate moonstone and is made from silver with the top made from 9ct yellow gold.$1950.

Baroque pearl earrings March 08 2017

Large fresh water baroque pearls on 9ct yellow gold hooks. The pearls are about 16mm in diameter. $380.

Carved rings March 08 2017

My carved rings are individually made to order making each ring unique. They are very popular as a men's wedding band. Available in white, rose and yellow gold.

Mens silver ring with Sapphire December 04 2016

These rings are chunky and set with Australian Parti sapphires (5mm). The settings are made from white gold. $950. Price includes resizing.

Black disc earrings November 22 2016

These disc earrings look great on everyone. Silver hooks and black chrome plated copper discs. Priced from $110.

Christmas gold necklaces November 22 2016

My studio is literally dripping with these fine gold necklaces. There are various gold pendants/pearls and precious gem pendants. All very fine in both yellow and rose gold. Prices start from $350.

Necklace with black rod October 17 2016

Ive been making this design in one form or another for about 15 years! This necklace is over sized with 14mm onyx beads, when worn it sits square on the neck. $250.

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