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Jason Moss Bespoke services include: stamped work, such as personalised bracelets and unique individual presents. My limited edition bracelets range from heavy chains to beautiful stones, and bespoke work offers the opportunity of tailoring a bracelet perfect for the receiver. Bracelets can also be designed to accompany any other jewellery in my range, if one does not already exist.

Bespoke design, or having something 'made to order', invites you to participate in the design process. It is easy, and a more fulfilling process for creating your special piece or the perfect gift.

Following a geometrical and streamlined approach, I aim for a ‘less is more’ design style as is evident in my limited edition bracelets showcased below. Working with shop samples, we decide together the right material, style and weight. It’s no more expensive than the pre-manufactured equivalent - it’s just more personal. Sitting down with your jeweller and discussing your design is a different experience from ‘off the shelf’ shopping; it provides you with jewellery to exactly fit your needs. 

Practice designs are produced and photographed to facilitate the design process. If you live in Sydney, you can visit the studio to look at shop samples from which we can discuss your requirements for design.

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