• Pianola Wedding Bands

    I'm so happy with this pair of 'pianola roll' wedding bands. Made in yellow and white gold the design was given to me by the client who is a music composer. The to scale pianola code depicts musical notes, I believe the two rows when played together create a particular harmony that is special to the wearers.


  • Jason Moss Sep 25, 2018

    White Opal Dress Ring

    I love making dress rings, there aren't any restrictions around what you can design...and when making a bespoke ring for a client you can present a number of ideas to them and through discussion and drawing come up with something that is going to be perfect for them and exciting for me as a designer. My client was given this beautiful white Opal as a birthday present. It is a...


  • His and Hers Matching Wedders

    Hot off the bench and destined for Canada! I am fortunate enough to make rings that travel to all parts of the globe. My jewellery has seen more of the world than me! The process of ordering from interstate or overseas is more or less the same as coming into my studio. We go over what you like and determine any changes to suit you like the band width and...


  • Jason Moss May 04, 2018

    The 'Webber'

    Wedding band for a man with webbed fingers! Dont laugh, its true, some people do have high webbing between their fingers. I had a client a few years ago that we simply couldn't make a ring that would be comfortable...and stay on as the webbing pushes the ring up the finger. This client was determined to tackle the problem. He really wanted a wedding band, and a really big wedding...


  • Jason Moss May 03, 2018

    Rings for Harry Styles

    I was recently commissioned by Sony Australia to create a ring for the musician Harry Styles to welcome him to Australia as part of his current world tour. We went over different options and decided on a set of white gold rings with my signature stamping. I like the writing on my rings to be cryptic. I change the direction of the letters making the writing look a bit hieroglyphic...I...