• Jason Moss Jun 02, 2018

    Cufflink Season

    Cufflink weather is upon us! This was a one off pair that I made some time ago using a matched pair of Lapis Lazuli tiles and sterling silver. I like statement cufflinks like these, but stay clear of 'novelty' cufflinks (and ties)...Daffy duck or Porky pig themed accessories aren't going to bolster your fashion credentials.


  • Jason Moss Apr 08, 2018

    Personalised Cuff Links

    I made these cuff links earlier in the year for a wedding. Made of sterling silver laminated with 9ct yellow gold tops. On one side is the couple's initials and on the other is the wedding date. I'm not too fussed to make the date all that easy to read. I prefer keeping it a bit cryptic, so it's just decorative in public but the wearer knows exactly what is...


  • Jason Moss Feb 25, 2014

    Complete Wedding Magazine

    Complete Wedding Magazine jewellery shoot featuring my silver cuff links.


  • Jason Moss Oct 22, 2012

    Latitude and Longitude Cufflinks

    Made to order Cufflinks, hand constructed in sterling silver. This pair incorporates a Latitude and Longitude location given to me by the client. 


  • Jason Moss Jul 02, 2012

    Family Crest Cuff Links

    This was a great project.The client wanted a pair of cuff links incorporating his family crest. It was a 50th birthday present for his uncle who is a history buff. I scanned the crest from a picture and used it as the start of the design process.